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Startup Life: How to Navigate the Pre-launch Workload

You can find dozens of articles on the web of how to create buzz, build an email list and acquire customers before the launch of your product. Yet, there’s still an elephant in the room — the seemingly overwhelming workload held by startup employees of every title. We understand and we feel it, too. That’s why, in the name of work/life balance and mental health, our staff has created methods for coping with the piling stack of projects. If your feeling in over your head or you could just use a productivity boost, here are a few tips from the Undock team:

Jordan, Business Development Manager recommends:

Change your scenery

“I like to work in different areas of the office and different workstations in my apartment in order to keep the ‘creative juices’ flowing and to fight against getting burnt out.”

Work based on your chronotype

“I know my chronotype is a wolf which means I get more productive and creative later in the day, so I like to do my busy work in the morning and leave my strategic work for the afternoon/evening.” You can find your chronotype here.

Categorize tasks

“Being a business development manager involves wearing many hats, especially for a startup that’s getting ready to launch. I find separating tasks out by category helps me feel far less overwhelmed than grouping all of my work together for the day.”

Emily May, Marketing Coordinator recommends:

Self care

“Take care of yourself outside of work. The body and mind work in synchronicity, therefore if you are eating unhealthy, not getting enough sleep and fail to listen to what your body needs, this will have a severe impact on your productivity and overall mindset at work.”

Be realistic

“Be realistic about what you can achieve in a work day. Writing a to-do list that you know in your heart cannot be completed in eight hours can create overwhelming and negative feelings. Create micro-obtainable goals to reach throughout the day and tick them off your list when you’ve completed each.”

Take a break

“Leave the office for your lunch break. One of the best productivity tips I’ve always held close to heart is to learn to step away from work when you need to. If you are frustrated with a project or beginning to feel overwhelmed, take a small walk around the building. Lastly, leave work behind after the office door closes behind you. When I don’t undock from work, I find it’s hard for me to stay present in the moment. Almost everything is not an emergency. It can wait till the morning.”

Get to know yourself better, and create a self care routine based on your daily habits. While self care is generally associated with watching Netflix and wearing a face mask, sometimes all it takes is a breath of fresh air in the middle of the work day to change your mood.

Let us know in the comments which tips you are going to try!

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