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Schedule wherever you type

See suggestions for meetings times directly in your mobile apps and email.

In-email scheduling

In-email scheduling

Tired of sending emails asking “when can you meet?” or “when are you free this week?” We were. Undock Scheduling allows you to instantly schedule meetings without leaving your inbox.

Built-in scheduling window
Free chrome extension
Works in Gmail, Outlook and Superhuman
AI-powered predictive scheduling with guests
Program your time

Program your time

Guard your time by setting clear calendar boundaries. Customize external availability based on your time preferences and scheduling behavior.

Limit availability
Set clear boundaries
Custom schedules

Custom schedules

Create custom scheduling pages that make it easy for guests to book meetings. Stay available for connections and opportunities while remaining in control of your time.

Instant, unlimited calendar syncing
Customize scheduling pages
Public and private calendar pages
Create unlimited scheduling pages
The super calendar

The super calendar

It's difficult to manage your time when your calendar tools are scattered across different platforms and applications. We built Undock to be a complete scheduling platform—built-in video conferencing, agenda-setting and notetaking.

Built in timeline
Real-time calendar availability
Schedule video, audio-only, or in-person meetings
Seamless end-to-end meeting experience


Use the built-in Agenda to remove all meeting preparation headaches. Lead more effective meetings and set clear objections so everyone's time is well spent.

Set and manage expectations
Facilitate focus and clarity
Improve collaboration and productivity
Save all notes for future reference
Built-in chatbox & notetaking

Built-in chatbox & notetaking

Enrich your meetings with Undock's built-in chatbox and notetaking. All meeting participants can contribute to the conversation by sharing ideas, links, and other relevant content.

Facilitate discussion and ideas
Enrich meeting experience
Improve collaboration
Video conferencing

Video conferencing

Our built-in video conferencing enables you to have important conversations from anywhere. You're free to choose video, audio-only, or in-person meetings.

Secure conference links
Screen-sharing & recording
Works in computer or mobile web browser
Call in via mobile number

Make time for what matters