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How To Improve Your Email Efficiency In 2019

We use email to communicate with potential investors, check the status on package deliveries and to save the environment from paper receipts. Given the strong integration of email into our everyday lives, it’s no wonder the phrase “I got stuck in my inbox” is becoming more and more common. However, at Undock, we’re determined to leave our email woes in 2018. Continue reading for tips to maximize your email efficiency in the New Year.

Don’t Go Rogue

Are you going rogue when other things need to be done? Are you checking your inbox whenever you feel like it, rather than a set number of times throughout the day? We’re just going to break it to you now–this behavior won’t turn you into the next Elon Musk.

Limit your email sessions to just three times per day; first thing in the morning, once before or after lunch and finally at the end of the day. This will feel unnatural at first and could even create a fear of missing out. However, it’s important to remember that if an emergency occurs, you will receive a call.

Don’t Get Stuck

If you’re a productive person outside of your inbox–the emails are always pouring in. Most people could easily spend an entire day buried in their inbox if they had the time (hopefully you don’t know from personal experience). Rest assured, there is a way to action your emails while also having time to get your work done!

To prevent getting “stuck”, set a timer for each email session–around 20 minutes. Should you receive an email at the end of your session, it’s time to practice discipline and read it on your next time around. New year, new you!

Don’t Put It Off

You log into your email, scroll to the bottom, read the first new message and move your way up the list. Then after reading them all, you scroll back down to the bottom and begin replying to each email in the same order you just read them. Do we have to explain how counter intuitive this is?

This tip is simple but necessary: reply after reading. Every time you read a message, you should be replying to it. If you read an email three times over again, the second and third time could have been prevented by taking care of the message on the first go around. Just do it.

Don’t Lose Important Emails

Before the Undock days, ‘starring’ a conversation and hoping it doesn’t get buried among other emails was one of the only ways to set a follow-up reminder. Unless you set an alarm on your IPhone for an ambiguous future date, that happens to always go off in an important meeting.

Let’s say Ben, a company advisor needs you to revert back to him with some information. With Undock, you can set Ben’s email as a task, which will then automatically show up as a ‘to-do’ next to your digital agenda. Not only can you drag and drop the task wherever you need to, but you no longer have to dig in your inbox to find the context of information requested.

That’s it! You are a PRO at email now. 2019 has nothing on your inbox. Let us know how these tips worked out for you in the comments below. 

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