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Become a Time Management Guru With These Three Apps

Meetings, phone calls, emails, coworkers, news articles, social media, local coffee pick-up.. If there’s one thing I know, it’s distractions. While there are methods you can incorporate into your everyday life to manage your time better, sometimes adding tools engineered by time taste makers add that extra accountability you need to your regimen.

Not sure where to start? That’s where I come in. Here are three unique, useful and time management-centric apps that will help you get the most out of your productivity routine:


This application is said to multiply your productivity by four (say, what?!) through a method we all love to do–listen to music! You’re probably wondering why you wouldn’t que up your favorite playlist on Spotify instead of downloading yet another app. According to Focus@will, your personality type directly correlates with a specific genre of music that optimizes personal productivity and achievement.

How it works: First, you identify whether you are a creative thinker, logical thinker, entrepreneur or student and then take a short quiz based on your category (it took me under a minute to complete). Then-voilà! You have a music channel scientifically curated and tailored to your personality type.

Cost: $9.95/ month


Set to fully launch on January 1, Undock is the first real-time availability network to hit the app store–or any store, for that matter. Integrating email, messaging, calendar and task management, your contacts know when and how to contact you based on real-time status and calendar updates. RIP to the many hours wasted on phone tag, Gmail and Slack.

How it works: Right now, you can sign up to use the calendar and task management features, while new features will continue to be unveiled. Simply visit to create a profile and set your working hours and available meeting time slots. Paste your profile link into your email signature and you are ready to begin managing time more efficiently!

Cost: Free for individual users. Undock for teams starts at $20.00/month


Forest is an app that encourages you to stay present and focused through growing digital trees. Yes, you read that correctly. The premise is to keep the user from using their phone while working on a task–if you make it through the duration of your task–the tree is added to your forest! If you log out of the app to take a call or check social media, your tree will die. The greener the forest-the better! Plus, the Forest app donates to Trees for the Future when users spend virtual coins.

How it works: Set the timer for however long you’d like to focus on your task-let’s say 25 minutes. Ready, set, go! Your tree starts as a sprout and grows larger as time goes on. If you exit out of the app during the timer, the app will send a notification to your phone to get back to the app otherwise your tree will die. Whether your tree lives or dies, it will be added to your forest.

Cost: $1.99/ month.


What time management applications do you find helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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