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It's time our schedules talked.

Undock: Coordinate Meetings, Conversations and Projects. Time to Work.


Undock suggests the best time to meet and work by considering each person's preferences, patterns and schedule.

Create the time needed for focused work. Avoid interruptions with real-time status.


Undock displays all activities as time blocks. Meetings, projects, calls and emails all take time off of your calendar.

Prioritize and schedule open time commitments in a single view. Meeting requests appear alongside your tasks.


Work together with clients and coworkers for meetings, projects, chat, conference calls, screensharing and more.

A dock is a multimodal channel for collaboration. Tackle short and long term agendas in a meeting or over time.


Announce your immediate availability in Broadcast mode. Hold pop-up meetings in group sessions or round-robin style.

Link up with your network during periods of low-intensity work and gaps in your calendar. Keep in touch at scale.

The Time Machine

Put the world on your schedule.

Future of Work

Synchronizing schedules with coworkers and clients gives your team what they need to do their best work: Time. Managing availability is the first step toward ending the organized chaos of the work day. Undock's seamless integration of availability, productivity and communication provides the air traffic control.

TIME One Schedule

MATTER One Identity

SPACE One Inbox

ENERGY One Network