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Collaboration requires Cooperation. It's time our schedules talked.


Real-Time Availability

Undock finds the best time for meetings by considering everyone's schedule, upcoming deadlines, preferences and total free time.

Real-time Availability indicates when you’re on the phone, in a meeting and anything in between. Avoid interruptions, missed connections and productivity black holes.

Time Inbox

Manage your time like you manage your email. View all open requests for your time and prioritize. Send Sync signals out when you have down time and let others know you're available now.

Considerate Scheduling

Whether it's a 5 minute conversation or hour long meeting, Undock finds a good time. Get in sync with the people that matter throughout the day.

On Your Time

Set your working schedule and preferred conversation times. Undock automatically lets people know when and how to contact you.


Strip away the overhead of managing multiple channels and prioritize your conversations.


Achieve superhuman responsiveness. Space integrates calls, messages and email on one inbox. Review, task, snooze, reply and organize all communication streams.

No need to switch apps or devices when all communication is filtered through one channel. Space makes it incredibly easy to turn off distractions and stay focused.

Undock: Synchronize Conversations, Meetings and Projects with the entire Planet. Time to Work.


Simplifying and synchronizing creates harmony.

MATTER One Identity

SPACE One Inbox

TIME One Schedule

ENERGY One Network

A New Paradigm

Undock is the first step to ending the organized chaos of the work day. It starts by synchronizing schedules with coworkers and clients to open up the rest of the day to do your best work.

When there is only one channel into your space, you're in control.

Work at your best time, whether you're most effective late in the day or you're definitively a morning person. When and how we work is evolving. Undock is a quantum leap towards flexibility.